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tax advisory and training on tax topics

We explain complex domestic and international fiscal concepts

We deliver specialized trainings, in an accessible and modern format

We offer assistance for the board members of companies of all sizes

We offer tax compliance services

We offer assistance during various tax procedures


About Tax & Training

We offer specialized domestic and international tax advisory services to our clients, including in the area of transfer pricing, as well as specialized training on various tax topics. Our value proposition is the result of more than 20-year experience gained by Nadia Oanea in domestic and international work environments. Nadia Oanea is an authorized tax advisor, chartered certified accountant and trainer with experience in delivering training on financial-accounting and fiscal topics. Nadia has also a network of collaborators who cand bring their expertise on fields connected with tax area.


Years of experience

A network

of collaborators specialized in various connected fields

Our mission

We explain complex domestic and international fiscal concepts

For the professionals in finance and accounting field of activity, as well as for the board members, with the aim of a correct application of the tax law. We cooperate with legal advisors, when needed, if the tax and legal aspects are both needed to be analysed.

We deliver specialized trainings, in an accessible and modern format

To help the professionals working easier with legal instruments and complex notions in tax field.

We offer assistance for the board members of companies of all sizes

In specialized topics in domestic and international taxation, such as:

  • Tax implications of business restructuring
  • Tax implications of value chain restructuring
  • Tax residence of the companies and of individuals
  • The application of the double tax treaties, including application for the mutual procedure
  • Transfer pricing setup, functional and economic analysis
  • Transfer pricing documentation, including the communication with the headquarters, when needed, with the purpose of preparing the master file and the local files
  • Country by country reporting
  • Reporting of the cross-border reportable arrangements, under DAC6 The application of the tax incentives, such as: the corporate income tax exemption for reinvested profit, the reduction of the corporate income tax, for increase in equity, the extra deduction for R&D expenses, when computing the taxable base for profit tax, the personal income tax exemption for the employees engaged in R&D or in IT activities, tax credits from the profit tax due etc.
  • The VAT exemption for particular types of transactions, such as intra-community supplies of goods
  • VAT reporting system and other tax implications in relation to the e-commerce
  • The minimum tax for big corporations, as a result of the BEPS project for addressing the tax challenges of increased digitalization of the economy.
  • We offer tax compliance services

    for profit tax, withholding tax, VAT, personal income tax and social charges, for the Romanian and non-resident taxpayers.

    We offer assistance during various tax procedures

    from tax registration, to obtaining non-binding or binding tax rulings with the Romanian tax authorities, assistance during the tax audits, or submitting complaints against the tax decisions, to preparing expert reports for litigations in court.


    Meet the team: Nadia Oanea

    Nadia Oanea is a tax advisor and certified chartered accountant with 22-year experience in tax area, out of which 8 years as tax auditor with the Romanian tax authorities, and 14 years in tax advisory in accounting, auditing and advisory firms, members of international networks. Due to her experience, Nadia is able to explain complex concepts, and she provides tax advisory services in complex matters to the boards of the Romanian and foreign companies, to help her clients in paying their fair share of taxes.

    Besides her extensive experience in the application of the domestic legislation, Nadia Oanea is specialized in international taxation, covering areas such as: application of the double tax treaties, transfer pricing, business restructuring, the taxation of expatriates, country by country reporting, analysis and reporting of cross-border reportable transactions under DAC6 etc.

    Nadia is train if the trainer with vast experience in training on tax and accounting topics, including for the Romanian Body of Chartered Certified Accountants (CECCAR) and for the Advance Diploma in International Taxation (ADIT) qualification.

    In December 2014, CIOT UK has awarded Nadia the CCH Prize for the highest marks obtained worldwide for transfer pricing paper, in ADIT qualification.

    Nadia has a bachelor’s degree in economics, major in Banks and Finances, she has a post graduate degree in financial and banking management, as well as a master diploma in public administration. Nadia is also an active member of the Romanian Chamber of Tax Advisors (CCFR) and of the Romanian Body of Certified Chartered Accountants (CECCAR). Nadia is also enrolled for ACCA qualification.

    During last 14 years, Nadia was an active member of the Taxation Committee of Romanian American Chamber (AmCham), participating in discussions of group of experts, as well as in discussion with the Romanian tax authorities and the Romanian Ministry of Finance regarding the tax law.

    As a recognition of her contribution and visibility in the tax advisory market in Romania, Nadia Oanea was nominated in the “Women in Tax “ Directory built by International Tax Review, based on a survey among peers.

    Experience in tax advisory and training


    Nadia worked with the Romanian tax authorities for 8 years, as tax auditor


    Nadia has joined the tax advisory team of Mazars Romania.


    Nadia has worked with Baker Tilly in Romania, as manager coordinating their tax advisory practice


    Nadia has coordinated the tax advisory practice of Grant Thornton Romania, being promoted to partner in 2017.


    In 2022, the Tax & Training project takes birth, with the aim to offer tax advisory services and training specialized in tax and accounting topics.


    Training activity

    Education and certifications

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