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New compliance obligation for companies, applicable starting 2024, and new reporting obligations with the first due date in 2024

Because it is a relatively calm period, in awaiting of the political decision after intense debates on the possible changes to the Tax Code, potentially applicable starting fall 2023 and, respectively, beginning of 2024, it worth reminding about some important changes that will affect the taxpayers starting 2024, and for which companies need to take measures to be ready to apply them.

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Significant changes in the taxation of personal income

Under what conditions can ANAF reclassify amounts granted by employers as per diems into taxable salary income?
Order 874/1429/2023 approving the procedure for the implementation of provisions of Article IV, paragraphs (1) and (2) of Law No. 72/2022 for the cancellation of certain tax obligations and the amendment of certain normative acts, approves the procedure for the tax reclassification of per diems as taxable salary income.

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